Hannah Loadsman

Operations Manager

Having previously worked as an Administrator for 7 years in the fast paced Brisbane City real estate industry, Hannah has now been working alongside LJ Hooker Burleigh | Robina | Mudgeeraba Principal's David Manby and Raymond Pienaar over these past 3.5 years, moving into an Operations Manager role.

Bringing a happy and positive approach to the office, she combines effective communication skills with extensive systems, technology and legal knowledge to deliver satisfactory outcomes for both customer and company. Full of enthusiasm Hannah is adaptable to every situation whilst working alone or as part of a team and can spearhead any problem to help someone in need.

Hannah loves experimenting with new ideas and learning about new products and technology so that she can then pass on her knowledge to the Sales and Administration teams. She also loves being able to work closely with each and every staff member of LJ Hooker Burleigh, Robina and Mudgeeraba, finding constant joy in continuous training and also organising team building and social events. Hannah’s main passion is keeping up-to-date with the latest in PropTech and is very excited about where the Real Estate industry is heading.

To commend Hannah for her outstanding efforts she has been successful in being accepted into the prestigious LJ Hooker Captains Club and achieving the LJH Principals Choice Award for the July-September 2015 quarter and also has previously been awarded with the QLD Office Administrator of the Month Award in both 2012 and 2014.

We are privileged to have her as part of our award winning team.

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What our customers say

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Hannah provides the best level of service to our clients and staff alike. Hannah is here to help, no question is too big or too small, she takes pride in the personal service she provides, and it is through this avenue that clients and staff hold her in such high regard. Communication is what she is best at! I am proud that Hannah works under the LJ Hooker banner and represents our name in such a professional manner!

Adriana Quiroga - Human Resources Manager

I have had the pleasure of having Hannah assist me for 17 months now and I would have to say, she is the most diligent person I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Her diligence and efficiency when asked something of her is to be praised. Hannah has extensive knowledge of all things pertaining to real estate and management systems. If there is anything she is unsure of, she doesn’t hesitate to find out and then get back to me. Hannah is often called upon to do work that is beyond her experience and usual workload when other integral staff members have been ill and has educated herself and become such an asset, not only to the sales staff but lead management as well. I believe she needs to be recognised not just for what she does for us all every day, but also for her continuous efforts and her commitment to advancement.

Lea Pettett - Sales Specialist

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Hannah Loadsman for her Captains Club application. Hannah’s attention to detail is without a doubt first class and she does an exceptional job as BSO affording our business the winning edge. Since Hannah was employed at LJ Hooker Robina, she has extensively put in place systems and templates and to make everything run smoothly. Hannah has the answers for everything. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her grasp of the LJ Hooker business is fantastic. She is very technology focused and will always go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done professionally. An exceptionally hard worker and very generous with her time, Hannah goes above and beyond what is required and I am extremely proud to have her as a co-worker.

Ilona Barry - Sales Specialist

I have worked with Hannah Loadsman for 18 months now and have found her to be the most amazing person to work alongside with. Her ability to think outside the square and always coming up with great ideas on how to make our job easier is more than what we can ask for. I came to work in this office from another Agency and was not sure how the set up was here. Hannah literally takes you under her wing and explains everything in detail. Sometimes she had to explain twice which most people would find annoying but she continued with the smile on her face and explained procedures to me step by step. Hannah is so well respected in and outside our office. We are very lucky to have someone like her.

Margaret-Mary Thorn - Sales Specialist

I would like to express my gratitude for having Hannah within the business at LJ Hooker Robina, I honestly believe I would not have made the Captains club personally or the business would be where it is today if it wasn’t for her. A more beautiful back bone would be my description for Hannah. She holds the business and us as sales agents up high, she truly is vital to us all. Hannah is constantly hitting us up with creative new ideas, helping us with understanding the admin side of our roles which predominantly is IT support, that I see most sales agents struggle with. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything Hannah does, she is a star and truly deserves the recognition!!!

Mitch Harrop - Sales Specialist

I cannot speak more highly of Hannah, she is an incredible asset to our team. She is always incredibly helpful and goes above and beyond to get the job done. She has worked over her time off on occasions to ensure we deliver the best outcome for our clients. She is always very pleasant to deal with and has a friendly genuine manner. A strong work ethic, a team player. I would comfortably say Hannah is the best admin support person I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Conrad Hyslop - Sales Specialist

I’m very new to LJ Hooker Robina team, luck enough to have a genuinely caring and helpful principle, a fully supportive team leader and all the other wonderful team members. However there is one person who has been playing a crucial role in helping me settle into the team --- Hannah Loadsman. Hannah is a technology nerd to me, there is nothing much she doesn’t know. She set up my computer the day before I started, all ready to go when I arrived in the morning. What a start! Ever since day one, anything needs to be done technology wise, Hannah has always been my first point of contact, and she’s always available to sort it promptly. Hannah is not just a pretty face, she’s also full of good ideas. Doesn’t matter we are creating my business cards, DL cards, flyers etc. Hannah always contributes. Hannah is a very helpful, passionate, friendly, unselfish, knowledgeable and innovative team member, I can’t imagine what I or we can do without her. Yes, Hannah is a truly valuable hero behind the scenes.

Ellen Bian - Sales Specialist

In working with Hannah I have found her to be incredibly efficient and capable in all that she does. She takes it upon herself to improve systems and processes and is certainly considered to be a huge asset to the team. Her understanding of technological advances is what one would desire to build a successful business. Hannah’s ability to pass on this information with ease and in simple to understand format to the team and new employees is what makes Hannah a standout and greatly appreciated performer in her field.

Monique Linden - Sales Specialist

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