David Edwards

Sales Specialist

Originally from Victoria before relocating to Mackay in 2009 where David began his career in Real Estate and soon became a highly ranked Sales Agent in Nth Queensland.

David and his Family moved to the Gold Coast in 2016 to enhance their lifestyle and to further his Real Estate career.

A dedicated Father of 4 children, two boys & two girls, David's Family principles of hard work, persistence, enthusiasm, honesty, respect and manners is the same principles he applies in his day to day working life.

Outside of work David strives to keep fit and healthy and believes, Healthy body = Healthy mind, plus he likes to set a good example to his children to follow whether that be his work ethics or creating good lifestyle habits.

David's backbone to his success his due his passion and determination to get the desired outcome for his Vendors, David always puts his client first and his reliability, communication skills and integrity is why he consistently receives referrals and repeat business from past clients.

David's negotiating skills is what sets him apart from all other Agents, he has a proven negotiation strategy which starts from building a good rapport with buyers, he believes this is very important to maximise what they are prepared to pay for a property rather than just treating them as another number like most other Agents do.

Whether it be a House or general items, buyers will often spend more when they are satisfied by the service provided, David prides himself on providing a great service for buyers and sellers.

He is very process orientated, he knows from experience that a proper process leads to a successful outcome, each property David is marketing has a process outlined with his Vendor(s).

"Connecting with Vendors, understanding their reasons for selling and showing compassion for certain circumstances is paramount", David believes this a key factor to his success and gets great gratification assisting them to their next chapter in life.

David highly values every opportunity to be the representative of his clients property, although his time with his Vendor(s) is only a small part of their life he realises the big impact it can have on their future.

David has played a variety of sports from a young age and Coached at a high level for over a decade which has taught him discipline and sacrifice.

Previously worked in the Mental Health industry and is a certified Counsellor, David's appreciation and understanding of people from all walks of life is a valued asset in Real Estate.

David establishes a transparent relationship with his Vendor(s), he is a great listener, very solution based and always endeavours to make each and every property transaction seem as smooth and pleasant as possible.