White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day

"I swear,
never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.
This is my oath"

The beginning
Often it takes a tragedy to seek a remedy. Such was the genesis of White Ribbon.

In 1989, on the afternoon of December 6, a student at the University of Montreal massacred 14 of his fellow female students. His actions traumatised a nation and brought the issue of violence against women to the forefront of our collective consciousness.

In response, a group of men in Toronto decided to speak out and work to stop men’s violence against women. In 1991 they initiated a male-led movement known as White Ribbon, with an annual awareness-raising event (White Ribbon Day) held between 25 November and 6 December.

It is now an international effort in over 57 countries, of men and boys working to end violence against women.

Engaging men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too

To stop domestic violence, Australia needs men to stand up, speak out and act.

White Ribbon Australia engages men to highlight the role they can play alongside women to stop violence against women, based on the understanding that most men are not violent. 

Only some men use violence. Most men share the belief that violence against women is never acceptable.

Men speaking to other men about violence against women is a powerful catalyst for change

Through education, awareness raising, creative campaigns, preventative programs and partnerships, White Ribbon Australia provides the tools for men to stop violence against women in their community and beyond.

Underpinning our work is the positive engagement of men. White Ribbon Australia provides a safe and inclusive platform for men to discuss a complex and sensitive issue.

Our strategies are based on evidence

White Ribbon Australia’s male engagement strategy is evidence based and backed by research and evaluation. It is specifically tailored to provide clear and powerful messaging to men across Australia to inspire change and action.

Violence in our community

White Ribbon Australia acknowledges that violence can be perpetrated and experienced by both men and women. White Ribbon focuses on one specific type of violence – that of men’s violence against women.

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